About Us

About Us

Block Ledger was established in March 2018 when two accountants were first introduced to bitcoin. They quickly discovered that this technology removed one of the oldest problems in accounting, the source of trust. With this in mind, they recruited Faisal (the CTO) to see how it could be applied to modern day accountancy. It was very evident from day one that this project aimed to use the blockchain for its first and foremost use-case. As a ledger.


With the goal of disrupting the accounting and auditing industry, the idea was simple – how do we make all the low value add, high cost and time consuming work redundant that relies upon trust such as bookkeeping and transaction confirmations? As accountants already rely on a double ledger entry accounting system to do their work, it made natural sense to take the next step and adopt a triple entry accounting system where the third entry is stored on a blockchain – which is essentially a digital ledger. Moreover, given blockchain’s immutable nature the third entry will become the trusted source of truth.


Today we boast a team that spans 6 countries, with engineers, accountants and auditors.



To accelerate the adoption of Ledgerium Blockchain and be relevant to an industry which is generally considered conservative and technology laggards, Luca+ was created. The name Luca+ pays homage to the father of the double entry accounting system, Luca Pacioli.

Luca+ is a middleware SAAS based application which connects business and finance tools, allowing the communication and transfer of data between different platforms. Combining this with the Ledgerium Blockchain and AI/Machine Learning, the following features were developed beyond just audit confirmations as originally intended

  • e-Invoicing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Audit Trail and Transparency
  • Credit and Risk Scoring
  • Financial Documentation
  • Legal Documentation
  • Invoice Financing and Factoring


Ledgerium aims to create a consortium based network that allows consortium members to vote in other members, and vote them out all based on a protocol level smart contract. The project aims to provide greater decentralisation and autonomous governance in the hands of those producing blocks. The project will always aim to stay as close to current ethereum development as possible and yet at the same time provide a network that uses an alternate protocol.

While most other projects are aiming for greater throughputs at the cost of decentralisation, ledgerium believes there is a need for an enterprise level consortium chain and we aim to cater that market. The enterprise market has a unique set of requirements, including enterprise level support, tools and community. Being in a unique position where we already have products and services available to utilise the tech under our parent company The Block Ledger and the team that comes from audit, finance and tech we think we can help bring this to mass usage in current financial systems as a world-wide ledger.

The Team

Ray Wang – CEO

Ray has been a professional accountant for more than 10 years, has experiences in both commercial and public accounting industries including working in financial compliance and internal control, budgeting, forecasting areas in Top 500 companies for many years and wide range of experience in many business and taxation accounting firms. Ray also has memberships in many business associations and sports clubs.

Faisal Mehmood – CTO

Faisal aka “electo” is also very active in trading communities and provides a lot of technical feedback and education around bitcoin and trading in general. Faisal has worked with many of the top 100 fortune companies creating and implementing prediction based models based on both machine learning (AI) and trend analysis.

Mark Glikson – CSO

Mark is the ex-GM Microsoft for the Asia Pacific region, and brings with him a wealth of information regarding the local and international business landscape.

Adam Wang – Partnership & Investment

Chartered accountant of Australia and New Zealand; Adam started as an accountant, gathering 14 years of experience in the financial industry, super funds, F&B, and software development. Adam previously held a management role in a self-managed super fund (SMSF), and has managed over 800 million AUD in super fund assets at top-tier companies. Adam was a Director of HR at Chunky Town Australia, a committee member of the Australian Macau Business Council, a member of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, a committee member of the Australian Chinese Jockey Club (ACJC) and holds his own regular radio show in Australia.

Leo Huang –  Head of Chair

Chartered accountant of Australia and New Zealand; Master of professional accounting; Bachelor of finance; Managing partner of INP group. As a leading principal in his firm, Mr. Huang has extensive knowledge and experience in various industries, including cryptocurrency exchanges and large international corporations.

Kellson Ma – CIO

MCSE, MCDBA, MCP; Co-Founder of ChinaDsl.net – One of the largest Chinese broadband support community. Kellson has over 12 years of experiences in software development for education, multinational Telco & Energy Corps. With extensive experiences in leading project in CRM, ERP, and Telco & Energy back-end systems, Kellson is highly motivated on providing strategy, technology and methodology capable solutions to multiple enterprise projects covering but not limits to Service Compliance, Payment Platform, Debt Collection and Service Provisioning.

Mujahid Abbas – CISO

CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CCSK, ITIL. Abbas holds any and all security certifications out there. He has worked with library of congress, datawiz & is currently also the deputy CISO at peace corps. Abbas also ran and exited his own security consulting firm Adhere Inc. He is a specialist in getting organisations compliant with ISO 27001, FEDRamp and various NIST standards. He brings with him a vast experience of both public and private sector security implementations.

Ashwath -Engineering Head

A software architect, cloud enthusiast and a polyglot with experience in software engineering and abundant passion for building great software. He has worked as a solutions consultant at PWC, led the architecture for NVidia games and led in various positions in Cisco, Intel & Philips.