Illion CEO Visit

On Wednesday 29th of May, Block Ledger Management has the pleasure of meeting with Simon Bligh, CEO of Illion. For those that are unaware, Illion is formerly Dun and Bradstreet Australia & New Zealand, a market leader in commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses. Illion’s products continually expand and further decision-making processes when acquiring, on-boarding, and managing receivables, including providing commercial credit scores. If you have lived in Australia and applied for a credit card or bank loan, it is more than likely that your credit assessment would have been provided by Illion.

Mr. Bligh has shown interest in our endeavours at Block Ledger, notably with our automation of the electronic invoicing process for businesses. The Block Ledger boasts service projects that save businesses time and money, removing the need for manual processing and increase administrative efficiency. Our services also provide greater commercial potential for organisations, such as Illion, through data services that provide more insights and analytics into businesses operations and financial operability.

In our discussions, Mr. Bligh elaborated on Illion products and services, in particular, Proviso, an open data solution product acquired in 2018. This product is similar to Basiq, a Block Ledger partnered solution that enables our LUCA+ platform to reconcile invoices with bank accounts. Proviso allows financial institutions to capture and assess data from clients’ accounts and was highlighted for its potential synergy and compatibility with Block Ledger products.

We would like to once again extent thanks to Mr Bligh for his time.

Simon poses for a picture with the block ledger team.