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Luca streamlines bookkeeping for all businesses, accountants and auditors.


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About Luca

Luca automatically uploads invoices into your accounting software to approve. This saves time and reduces data entry errors.

Luca allows you to do your bank reconciliation to match and track payments received. It's integrated into 73 financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Luca creates an audit trail to monitor and track all transactions which have occurred. This includes those which have been modified, making tasks such as GST and BAS reconciliation simpler and faster.

What Is Xero?

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Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

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Why use luca with xero

Luca integrates into Xero and other platforms (accounting platforms, payment gateways, ERP systems and financial institutions via open banking) to enable automation and create an audit trail.

Integrating both platforms means you get two way data sharing. This ensures that your accounting teams and back office are always up to date.

Data between both platforms syncs in realtime. This way you will always be in able see the latest information on the state of your accounts.

How luca and xero integrate

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