National Blockchain Roadmap

Block Ledger was invited by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, along with other key blockchain stakeholders, to partake in developing the National Blockchain Roadmap (NBR). The initiative was started in March 2019 with the purpose of developing Blockchain standards, innovations, skills and capacity while fostering international investment and collaboration. Lead by the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology (Hon Karen Andrews MP) and the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, (Hon Simon Birmingham MP), the NBR will be the Australian government’s first Blockchain initiative.

The NBR comes at an opportune time, as Block Ledger prepares to conduct a token sale, offloading our Ledgerium Blockchain. This move is expected soon; however, the current regulatory environment and risk-adverse market has created a challenging climate for Australian startup enterprises. This market uncertainty has manifested as the consensus that all tokens function as securities tokens, adding doubt to market equitability and reliability.

Block Ledger remains confident in the Ledgerium Blockchain’s potential. We must note it functions with utility tokens and aims to become an independent-stakeholder Blockchain. Ledgerium Blockchain function with currently in use utility tokens, allowing businesses to establish transaction proof onto the blockchain. The Block Ledger further aims to offload ownership of the blockchain ecosystem to ensure it remains independent. There comes operational benefit with independence, primarily in the form of the Block Ledger product, LUCA+. With plans to implement audit functions and capabilities, LUCA+ requires independence through the Ledgerium Blockchain ecosystem. The Block Ledger, in conjunction with the Ledgerium Foundation, aims to establish a consortium of block producers, owned by a mix of community organizations, not-for-profits, and large corporates or enterprises.

Following the NBR event, Block Ledger representatives were invited to Parliament House to further reinforce the message that the blockchain industry needs more support and certainty from the government. We were joined by Senator Susan McDonald, Senator Jane Hume and the Honorable Ed Husic MP along with fellow blockchain advocate Leanne Kemp, CEO of Everledger. We were pleased to speak with Ms. Kemp, who gave us ‘the spill’ on why she had to go to London to start her successful blockchain business. We hope that Block Ledger does not have to follow in the same footsteps as Everledger, as we prefer to remain a proud homegrown Australian business. It is unfortunate that ventures have required relocation, however foreign governments are currently leading blockchain uptake. Locations, such as Singapore, have shown to be a good alternative, as the government is more open and progressive towards blockchain startups. We look forward to the Australian Governments future proposals.