Statement of Intent signed between Libra Australia and Block Ledger

Libra Australia and Block Ledger are pleased to announce the signing of a statement of intent. This cooperative means a working arrangement to collaborate and the promotion of Libra Australia and Block Ledger visions. Whilst pursuing varying objectives, Libra Australia and Block Ledger share mutual understanding and objectives, such as developing the understanding and education of blockchain and its use cases.

Libra Australia is the lead propagator of an Australian business consortium with the intent of gaining membership to the Libra Association, the managing union of the Libra cryptocurrency. An establishment by Holon Global Investments Limited and associates, Libra Australia’s purpose is to represent Australian interests in the founding membership of the Libra Association, and to operate a validator node for the Libra cryptocurrency.

Libra Australia aims to enable financial inclusion through digital innovation by working collaboratively with business, technology, academic, and social impact partners, and consult with governments and regulators to provide a “whole of system” approach to the challenges and opportunities that Libra’s innovation may bring.

Block Ledger was established in March 2018 with the goal of disrupting the accounting and auditing industry. The driving principle was to eliminate inefficient and time-consuming practices surrounding bookkeeping management and maintenance, ultimately manifesting in the ground-breaking platform LUCA+.

As accountants currently rely on the double-entry principle of accounting, innovation came in the natural form of a ‘third entry’. In this triple entry bookkeeping system, accounts validity and security are ensured using blockchain technology. Utilizing its most basic form as a digital ledger, blockchain’s immutable nature allows organizations to validate transactions and maintain perfect records.

Information on Libra Australia is available at